2017 Official Agenda

Chronological Timeline
Starting from Spring 2017 to Fall 2018
To be accomplished by the end of the 2017 school year:

  • Conversation with school administration to bring up the agenda. The meeting should:
    • decide on goals and feasible ventures for the next year
    • establish a relationship with faculty and administration leader interested in sustainability
    • designate student leaders for the following year and delegate certain people to achieve certain tasks
  • Investigate community outreach or volunteer opportunities related to environmental issues. Ideas for environmental community service include:
    • Volunteering at an urban farm
    • Volunteering at a community garden
    • Helping out at nearby charities/NGOs focused on sustainability and the environment
    • Organising beach clean-ups
    • Attending or hosting environmental marches
  • Meatless Monday trial
  • Implementation of separate bins for food waste and trash
  • Investigate possibility of a small garden if no garden is in place already
  • Report to ISSC heads

To be accomplished during Fall 2017:

  • Start of the year sustainability presentation to community. Talk about:
    • new initiatives/projects
    • ISSC
  • Enforcement of reusable bottles, to be accomplished by
    • sales,
    • plastic bottle bans,
    • or free handouts at the beginning of the year
  • Implementation of at least five TerraCycle boxes in classrooms for white-board marker recycling (free)
  • Implementation of a tracking system for paper consumption data
  • Implementation of a tracking system for food waste data by weighing
  • Implementation of at least one Bay State Textile collection bin (free)
  • Approximate/general tracking of energy usage throughout campus
  • Public display of energy data somewhere on campus for community to access
  • Documentary viewing (specific documentary to be decided by school)
  • Quarterly report to ISSC heads

 To be accomplished during Winter 2017:

  • Touch base with school administration, continue working on various projects
  • Documentary viewing (specific documentary to be decided by school)
  • Installation of separate food waste bins in dining halls
  • Implementation of:
    • compostable, eco-friendly napkins,
    • biodegradable cutlery and utensils, and
    • biodegradable cups or mugs
  • Presentation/reminder about water usage to whole school community. Examples of when to reduce water include:
    • brushing teeth,
    • laundry, and
    • showering
  • ISSC eco-olympics will be held (also known as “Reduction Rivalry”)
  • Touch base with administration, detail progress and next steps
  • Quarterly report to ISSC heads

To be accomplished during Spring 2018:

  • Earth Day/Week celebrations
  • ISSC Conference #2
  • Documentary viewing (specific documentary to be decided by school)
  • One or more of the following:
    • Color-coding recycling bins
    • Putting up signs on the bin that describe what can go into the bin
    • New lids that are shaped to allow only certain things to be put in
  •  Implementation of a reusable bag service for students in each dorm (for shopping purposes)
  • Schools should pledge that every new light bulb installed will be LED/CFL
  • Schools should pledge that at least 5% (10% is more optimal) of the new vehicles purchased will be electric, and that at least one electric car charging station ($700 roughly) will be installed on campus
  • Proposals to your administration that the school commit to have annually increasing percentages of renewable energy in their portfolios (i.e. 10 percent renewable energy by 2019, 20 percent by 2020, etc.). Schools should plan these increments based on their previous energy data. If this renewable energy is not produced by the school itself, the school should purchase renewable energy from companies or utilities such as SolarCity/IRC Solar
  • Reduction of paper wastage by 5%
  • Presentation to whole school on Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 sustainability initiatives
  • End-of-year report to ISSC heads detailing your progress 

To be accomplished during Fall 2018: 

  • Sustainable orientation for all new students describing your on-campus efforts and initiatives, as well as:
    • free water bottle handouts if wanted,
    • brief mention of ISSC,
    • description of your current campus carbon footprint, and
    • reminder to be sustainable
  • Meeting with administration detailing the coming years’ initiatives (to be decided in next years’ conference)
  • Proposal to administration to switch all regular toilets to dual-flush (requires research into financial expenses/benefits)
  • Documentary viewing (specific documentary to be decided by school)
  • Takedown of all bottled water products sold on campus (e.g. Smartwater)
  • Follow-up on energy, paper, water and food consumption data
  • Quarterly report to ISSC heads