Gaia’s First Issue of the 2018-2019 Year!

Hi everyone and welcome to a new school year!
We’re so excited to jumpstart all of our new sustainability endeavors (as I’m sure you all are too) here at the ISSC, one of them including our now one-year-old Gaia magazine! You all know the drill, but here’s the information on our November issue.

The submission deadline for this issue is November 11thand our new theme is…international policy! We have an opinion section, a news section, a lit section, and art section. You can write about the environmental policies of any country you want, as long as your article fits clearly within each section. As for artwork, there is no particular theme, so it is as easy as shooting over a photograph you want to show off.

We are also looking for Gaia reps for each school to help us find more writers and artists. If you are at all interested in writing an article, submitting art to us, becoming a Gaia rep, or connecting us to someone who is interested in helping out with Gaia, please email, or! From there, we’ll email you with more details.
Looking forward to a great new year!

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